For HOESCH as a manufacturer of bath products, design is much more than a pleasing appearance. It radiates a sense of lifestyle. Design is the perfected form, function and philosophy for those who demand the best. This awareness and appreciation is reflected in HOESCH’s selection of internationally acclaimed designers who consistently develop fresh and creative bath innovations, infusing each product with an innate character. »


The high-quality mineral cast material has evolved from being a trend to becoming a veritable best-seller. »


Anyone planning or redesigning a bathroom often needs to do so with vision: looking forward to every age and all situations in life. Once designed and installed, your very own dream bathroom should also remain so, for a lifetime. Long-term bathroom design therefore means that each and every one of us – from children to the over-50s – feels at home and can move around freely. Not least because bathrooms, in particular, tend to be an intimate place of retreat. »


Der renommierte Badhersteller HOESCH bleibt nicht nur beim Thema Design und Produktqualität immer am Puls der Zeit. Auch emotional hat man hier ein sensibles Gespür für die aktuellen Bedürfnisse der Kunden. Dabei liegt der Anspruch von HOESCH, mit hochwertigen Badprodukten in Bädern jeder Größe eine einzigartige Wohlfühloase für den Kunden zu schaffen, voll im Trend. „Hygge“ heißt das dazu passende Lebensgefühl, das ursprünglich aus Dänemark stammt und weltweit immer populärer wird. »


At renowned bath manufacturer HOESCH, ensuring that each and every product meets the highest quality and design standards is an integral element of the company’s identity. But how can the quality of a brand and its products really be measured externally? One objective method is through the use of laboratory testing – to measure the durability of a product, for example. However, the various everyday experiences that customers have with the products is no less interesting when it comes to evaluating them. »


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